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Floor Maintenance


When hovering wooden floors it is recommended that you use a brush attachment, as beater bars can damage a floor’s finish Wooden Flooring finishes should not require anything more than sweeping and vacuuming. Simply sweep, vacuum or dust mop at least once a week to minimize damage caused by dirt, sand or grit. If required, mop lightly with wood floor cleaner and dry mop after.

Water is a big threat to hardwood floors. This is mainly because it can cause warping. Therefore, spills need to be cleaned up as soon as they occur so that water won’t be able to get in and damage the floor. Always wipe up drink or fruit spillages straight away, as such spillages can also result in permanent dis colouration.

When mopping the floor you need to ensure you use a mop that is only slightly damp. Don’t forget to keep mopping to a minimum to ensure you are not exposing your floor to excessive wetness. Regular sweeping with a soft-bristled broom will prevent the dirt that can scratch or dull a hardwood floor from building up and rining their appearance.

If required we can supply a maintenance pack, which includes 1 x litre of revive lacquer, 1 x Gap filler resin in tube and 5 x 120 grit abrasive pads. Just ask for details.

Always allow your new floor’s lacquer to cure; the curing process is about 5 days so try your upmost not to apply water or any cleaning products to the finished sanded floor during this period.

Pets are loved members of the family, but long claws on dogs and cats are a sure way to put your wooden floors in danger. Keeping their claws trimmed is the best way to avoid scratches that pets leave behind, whilst innocently playing around the home.

Aside from pets, floors can also get damaged by footwear; stilettoes and high heels are the major culprits, but studded sports shoes are also a problem on the wood. Avoid wearing heels in and around the house, and don’t try on your sports shoes on the wooded floors. A beautiful stiletto heel can turn heads, but can also destroy your hardwood floors.

Try to lay a rug or matt by your main entrances of your property. This will allow people to wipe their feet upon entry, and prevent constant water on the floor from perishing the varnish slowly.

NEVER use cleaning products with bleaching agents as this will cause damage to the lacquer and make it wear down much more quickly than it otherwise would.

One of the biggest threats to solid wood flooring is scratching and marks from furniture legs. To maintain the beauty of your hard wood floors, you need to shield the floor. Protecting your floor from furniture scuffs and scratches is easy; just buy some felt furniture patches for the feet. These tips can be fitted to furniture with the aid of a non-damaging adhesive and serve as a cushion.

Having this adhesive cushion does not mean you should drag your furniture across the floor instead of lifting it. Even though these felts protect the floor, they don’t offer complete protection. They can also fall off or become won down. Sliding your furniture without knowledge of the fact that the tips are gone will leave you massively disappointed when you see a scratch across your floor.

Consider applying self-adhesive felt pads to the bottom of large toys as well. This will again stop scratches if an item is dragged across the floor.


"We had our dining room and hall sanded and sealed, the floors look stunning with a walnut stain and we have had several comments on how beautiful the floors look. The team was hard working punctual and let us know what was going on though out the whole job, can’t recommend these guys highly enough!"

Melanie Farrell – from Hove


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